The Gold Scale

The Gold Scale

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The Gold Scale

The first and only price-calculating gold scale

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Say hello to an electronic gold scale engineered from the ground up to help users.

The fact is, most jewelry scales available today are user unfriendly. In order to calculate the value of weighed gold, users must obtain the current value of gold in their chosen unit, calculate the gold content of the specific karatage measured, and apply those factors to the weight of the gold. The Gold Scale streamlines this process, and allows users to simply input the current value of gold in troy ounces, select the karatage of their item, and weigh it. Say goodbye to repetive and inefficient calculations.

  • Trusted & Reliable

    When dealing with electronic jewelry equipment, knowing that the company behind your tools is reliable and trustworthy is essential. The Gold Scale is designed and produced by iGem Corporation, which has been in the business of electronic jewelry tools for over a decade. We stand behind our products, and will never leave you without help.

  • Fully Functional

    The Gold Scale doesn't lag behind other scales's functionality, it improves it. With a maximum capacity of 2000g, an accuracy to 0.1g, the ability to use AAA batteries or the included AC adapter as a power source, and the ability to measure in grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), or pennyweight (dwt), The Gold Scale is fully capable of meeting the demands of almost any user.

  • Purpose-made

    Unlike many other jewelry scales, the Gold Scale is specifically designed for use by jewelers, pawnbrokers, and any other individual with a need to easily and quickly obtain the value of items they weigh. The Gold Scale is designed to be easy to use, to be efficient, and to be altogether convenient for any and all jewelry proffesionals.

  • Affordable

    Our goal was to create an effective tool at a reasonable price, and at $79.95, The Gold Scale won't break the bank. Don't be fooled by it's price though, as we made no compromises on neither build quality, nor functionality.